Footage of science researchers, high school science teachers, and college students. Begins with WS of a building, CU of the door: Arthur D. Little, Inc. and a man walking through. Cuts to a man and woman facing company President Raymond Stevens at his desk. CU of Stevens, then the other 2. Cuts to the man walking into a building. The woman wears a lab coat in a lab. CU of her through a glass cage. The man is surrounded by high school students as he works inside a similar glass cage. CUs of the students and the teacher. Cuts back to the female in the lab coat, a man in a lab coat places a white rabbit in front of her. She looks at a syringe and gives the rabbit a shot in its ear. CU of the rabbit as she picks it up. The high school teacher places a tube into a graduated cylinder. Cuts to 2 men in jump suits adjusting a pipe in an industrial research lab. Cuts to a high school science class, the female teacher looks into a student’s microscope and writes in his notebook. WS of Cornell University campus, CU of the name. Students enter the doors, CU of a bulletin board with Lecture Rooms. MS of a lecture hall with students at desks and a teacher at the chalkboard. CU of an older student at a desk, CU of his notebook. Cuts to a clock tower and then students leaving a building. Interior of a lunch room with various people eating, including nuns and students. CU of several older students. 2 men in a dormitory, one in pajamas sits on the bed, the other at his desk. They talk to each other. WS of Berloit Senior High School, CU to the school’s name. Interior of a classroom with a teacher lecturing and leaning over one student’s desk.