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1968, 1967

Access Only: Footage of a march after the death Martin Luther King Jr. Mostly black marchers carrying signs that say “HONOR KING END RACISM.” CU young male protester wearing hat that says “Tippy” CU greyhaired protester. CU protester wearing a panther beret. CU teenager carrying sign “I AM A MAN.” Reporter interviews a protester as they march. Protester says marching because she want to carry on working for nonviolence and peace for all mankind, as, in their words, King died doing. Cut to cluster of men in suits, talking but the sound is cut, around a Muhammad Ali in a suit, dogged by reporters. CU of welcome poster of the armed forces examining station. CU these men enter building, presumably the draft station. CU Muhammad Ali’s face answering calmly and looking around. White male reporter explains that he has just rejected his military draft. As Muhammad Ali exits doors, presumably examination, reporters ask how he was treated. He answers, calmly, “respectably.”