Doctor looks at brown children’s feet for illness, CU and MS. CU laser cutting flesh in surgery (graphic). CU hands with medical scissors and laser operating on patient. CU of doctors wearing glasses, masks, and hair coverings. Doctor with newborn, the first test tube baby, in arms, with umbilical cord uncut. Shot female nurse. Shot of baby wrapped in blanket and being cleaned. Shot children laughing, waving, smiling. Shot of women at buffet serving food to children of diverse races. Shot of children painting mural art on a car or van or bus. Shot of girl waving and grinning at the camera. CU smiling black baby. CU sleeping white baby. Shot of malnourished, starving children, naked, squatting to eat. Shot of children eating at a table. Shot of woman scientist or technician working at a lab. CU machine making early computer chip (?). Shot of ship at sea. Shot of bald, starving, naked boys holding plates. Shot of girls and boys sliding at a playground. Shot of black boys.