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From Edison’s footage “The Switch.” Woman in white despairs, dramatically, at a table with a little girl, also in white; they are in a stone room with paintings/pictures on the walls and a fireplace. She suddenly gestures dramatically and walks to the door, walks back and pounds on the table, and reaches towards the door. She paces and rips the tablecloth from the table. The little girl goes to the door. Narrative words “THE 12-45!” appear. Cut to the train moving through a forest, with the woman running beside it; she stops and waves her jacket after it, then kneels, sobbing. A car drives to her. which she hails. Cut to the man in the operator room of part 1 of asleep_switch. From behind desk, he staggers upright, holds a gun to his head, and falls to the ground. Cut to the woman getting in the car and driving off after the train. Shots of car following train; cuts back and forth between the two. Caption “SAVED!” Passengers exit the train to surround the fainting woman. Cut to room with man. Woman, followed by passengers, enters and exclaims over the body. Captain and officers rouse from deep sleep and help him stay upright as he stumbles around comically.