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Early Edison film “Asleep At The Switch”. Man in white collared shirt, slacks, and tuxedo jacket dozes in a chair in a large room, apparently a train operator station, with a large window that has a desk with a clipboard hanging off its side and mailboxes beside it and a table-like furniture piece to his left. He wakes with a start, stands, rubs his eyes, smoothes his hair and clothing, looks behind him to the desk, walks to it and sits down. A woman in a white gown and hat enters, embraces and kisses him, and gives him a paper bag. He sits down in the chair he dozed in, waves off her continued embrace and kisses, and begins to doze off, drooping off the chair. The woman pulls him back onto the chair. He reassures her, patting her hands and standing up. and hands her a note from the desk. CU the note, which says the man, Sam presumably, should remain on duty to switch the 12-45 train to a different track, giving another precedent. The man fixes his clothes again, the woman brushes him off, embraces and kisses him grandly, and leaves. Man wipes forehead and hair (he is balding), reads note and looks exasperated, and narration “STRUGGLING WITH THE POWERS OF SLEEP” appears on black screen. The man dozes off at the desk, which is now cluttered with books and papers, as a train, the 12-45 passes by the large window. Waking, the man looks panicked, raises hands in exasperation after the train. Grabs lamp from next to door and runs outside--we see through the window--after the train, waving his arms. Outside, shot from behind the man, he runs after the moving train and stops when it does not. Cut back to indoors; man paces, reading note, sits in chair, thumps his chest, and talks to himself. A smaller film within the film, presumably showing his thoughts, appears within the room; in it, a train rounds the bends of a hill. He stands and waves his arms. Narration captions “TAUNTED BY HIS VICTIMS!” appears. Man paces and looks out window dramatically.