Curtain comes up, aerial view panning right over Hollywood. Announcer begins speaking. Comes to still over street, announcer speaks as music plays. Cut to street scene of people walking on sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd. Cut to car passing by, other people on street. Cut to street shot of cars, buildings in background. Cut to shot of large suburban home, trees in front, cut to shot of smaller home, trees in front, cut to shot of drug store. Cut to shot of teenagers hanging out in sweet shop. Cut to shot of gas station, shot of cocktail lounge, cut to shot of bowling lane, ball rolls down lane, knocks over pins. Shot of highschool, shot of church, shot of cars in traffic as announcer describes aspects of town. Shot of house in San Fernando valley, man gets out of car, other man greets him. Shot of suburban homes, man in front digging. Shot of apartment building, tree in foreground. Shot of car driving down road, flowers on side, announcer describes it as Beverly Hills. Shot of house in Bel Air. Shot overlooking road and houses on beach side in Santa Monica and Malibu. Shot of people on beach. Cut to shot of Hollywood and Vine street sign crossing as announcer says the whole area makes up Hollywood. Camera tilts down. Cut to shot of woman walking up steps of building. MCU of her approaching sign saying Hollywood Studio Club, she looks up and around, walks in. Cut to shot of her sitting in room, other woman putting away clothes. Shots of plaques of rooms dedicated to famous people. Shot of woman brushing hair in front of mirror. Shots of young aspiring actresses in these rooms, including Maureen O’Sullivan, Linda Darnell and Donna Reed