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Black screen, words, “being entertained by French army officer en route to Indo-China.” Cut to purplish color shot of couple looking at camera on boat, cut to shot of couple sitting on deck of boat with two daughters, mother points to camera. Cut to words “Angkor-Wat, ancient Kmer capital -- the center of civilization when Paris was mud-huts. Forests and jungles overspread the loftiest towers -- a rendezvous for elephants and tigers.” Cut to pink shot of buildings, pans left, tilts down. More shots of old buildings/palace. Cut to black and white shot of buildings/ruins. Cut to shot of tree in woods, people walk under roots. Shot of giant tree, camera tilts up. Shot in woods of tall trees. Cut to shot of rocks. Cut to shot of run down stone. Cut to shot of building in woods. Cut to lighter shot of same scene. “Beautiful Bas-reliefs carved from solid rock.” Shot of carved elephants in rock. Shot of carved wall drawings. Shot of carved statue in wall.