This clip contains footage of Montego Bay, a street market, North Shore, Doctor’s Cave Beach, Rose Hall, Port Antonio, and tourists rafting the Rio Grande.Begins with panning shot of Montego Bay. PAN of the city center, buses and bicyclists ride pass. WS of a bustling market place. PAN of Doctor’s Cave Beach, where people play in the ocean. Pan of the North Shore, a hotel in the BG, a sailboat passes by. PAN of the hotel. WS of a hotel near the water, people rest on the beach. WS of the ghostly ruin Rose Hall, once an estate of the notorious Anne Palmer. Various shots of the ruin. PAN of he ocean and coastline of Port Antonio. Cuts to people rafting down the Rio Grande, tourists sit on bamboo rafts while Jamaican men paddle and steer. POV shot from the raft. MS of tourists rafting, POV shot as a man steers the raft.