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Medium close up of a woman telling her husband how to be more efficient at work at a table in their kitchen. Reverse medium close up of the husband listening as he cuts his food. Back to the woman speaking. She points her finger and begins to tell him things they did in her office to improve things. Medium shot of a secretary working at a desk in an office, she speaks into a phone. She puts the telephone down on the desk, cutting to a medium-long shot where she grabs information from a neighboring desk. She returns to desk and walks to back of office to get more things. Close up of phone still off the hook on the desk next to a clock and a stack of papers. Close up of secretary on phone as she works more efficiently with papers she needs surrounding her. Cuts to medium shot of her writing on these papers as she is on the phone. Medium long shot of the secretary using a mimeograph copying machine. Wife walks up to the girl, who is apparently wasting paper because she doesn’t know how to use the machine. Close up of wife’s face as she looks at machine with secretary. Close up on wife’s hands as she uses mimeograph machine correctly. Close up of the secretary and wife’s faces as they discuss machine use. Back to close up of wife’s hands using machine.