Wide shot of American Troops landing in Cuba with sand explosions and men walking through water with guns. Wide shot of marines from U.S.S. Brooklyn returning from war as they walk in unison towards camera. Wide shot of Military men as they train firing off the gatling gun. Cut to wide shot of America’s first submarine the “U.S.S. Holland” emerging out of the water, cut to wide shot of white men standing on top of submarine in the water. Wide shot of young white boy with his shirt off playing on a stage with a spotlight. Medium shot of white older man with mustache pulling his finger away from his eye. Medium shot of Motion Picture Reel. Medium shot of Man starring into Motion Picture Reel. Long shot of boat floating through water passed camera. Wide shot of horse carriages through a small window. Close up of Teddy Roosevelt with different hats on talking as a parade of people walk by in the distance.