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This clip contains footage of 2 men fighting for a girl’s hand in marriage.The protagonist stealthily makes a cross on the other paper and then choses from the man’s hand. He pats the other on the back before walking off, brushing off his suit. The man stands at the desk scratching his head. CU of the crosses on both scraps of paper. He throws the papers down and runs past the protagonist into the father’s office. He declares his love for the daughter and begins chasing the father around the desk. The protagonist whispers into the father’s ear that the man is dangerous before slyly sitting back in a chair. CU of the father pressing a small button on his desk. Cuts to the sitting room where 2 doors have a small opening, a large butler pushes his way through, and behind him a short butler follows. The pair march and the shorter one trails behind into the room. The protagonist whispers in the one’s ear and they both run through the doors, this time returning with the entire estate’s staff. The staff looks shocked and goes after the man. The chef grabs the man and hauls him out the door. The protagonist then approaches the father who gives him the permission to marry his daughter. He happily shakes the father’s hand, climbs over his desk and into the sitting room. There he runs into the short butler and knocks him down, as the butler stands back up he throws a pillow at his face, knocking him back down. As he rushes outside he sees his bride-to-be kissing another. He sadly walks away.