Newsreel of barrel leap over Niagara Falls. WS of Niagara Falls with overlaid title that reads “Niagara Fall” and a U-I News Logo. Three men begin to open a large barrel that is laying on its side in a field. CU of one of the men’s faces as he looks at the camera. The man kneels to pet a dog and there is a crowd behind him. WS of crowds in front of the falls. A man climbs into a barrel at the bank labeled “THE THING” as crowds stand nearby. Two women in the crowd shield their eyes from the sun and look out over a railing. WS of a small boat with two men inside, with a barrel floating behind the boat. WS of of the boat toting the barrel. WS of the rapid falls. Close up of a woman covering her mouth in shock. WS of the barrel floating in the water beneath the falls. A man in the crowd finishes his cigarette and throws it on the ground. A dog sits in a small unused boat. Two men walk purposefully through the crowd. Another wide shot of a small crowd standing in view of the falls.

Not Explicit