The reel reads: “Universal Newspaper Newsreel- Smothers to death in barrel leap over famous cataract- Niagara Falls, Canada.”A group of men, some in work clothes and some in suits, shake hands standing at a waterfront. A man in a suit crawls into a large barrel with a small opening that is floating at the water’s edge. Two men offer to help him in but he waves them away and finished sliding inside the barrel. CU of his head and hands entering the barrel last. A man puts a small turtle into the barrel. CU of hand waving from inside barrel through opening and the door to the barrels hatch is closed from the inside. A man in a suite fastens the door closed and then a group of three men attach a metal cover over the inner door. Wide shot of a small paddle boat with the barrel floating behind it, pulled by a rope. WS of the barrel floating and bumping along small rapids. A large crowd watches as the barrel plummets down the Niagara falls. A crowd watches as the barrel, now at the shore, is opened up. The turtle , still alive, is pulled out and held up triumphantly for the camera and crowd to see. A CU of men passing the turtle around.

Not Explicit