Footage on starvation. Various shots of emaciated children, many in rags and covered with flies. WS of a crowd of poverty stricken people, possibly refugees. A boy kneels as he watches water being poured from a kettle. A doctor holds a boys head as he drinks milk from a mug. People sit and looking depressed. People carry a person wrapped in blankets on a gurney. People stand by a house as a dead family is carried out, they have all died of starvation. Shots of the parents and children. CU of a woman crying. A man in a white turban walks behind 2 oxen that pull a plow. CU of him smiling. WS of a set of stairs leading to a dried up lake. Various shots of dried soil and decaying plants. An elderly man kneels eating. A couple in a field scoop rice into a bowl, behind them cars pass. Groups of people walk down dirt paths, babies are held by their parents. CU of a couple hammering rocks. People stand on a dusty roof and are silhouetted by the sun. Various shots of telephone poles and wires. Various shots of industrial buildings pumping out smoke.