This clip contains footage of various homes, churches, buildings and parks in Berkeley. Begins with LS of a street with cars parked on either side. LS of a sidewalk, cherry blossoms bloom along the sidewalk. CU of the pink blossoms. Cars drive down a suburb. One car drives through a roundabout with a fountain in its center. Cuts to various homes in the suburbs; one house on a steep hill, another is made of stone. 2 girls on roller skates follow a younger girl on a bicycle with training wheels down the sidewalk. More shots of homes. Fade in to a large gray church. Cuts to various churches. CU of sign: Berkeley Baptist Divinity School. PAN of the Baptist School. CU of sign: The Pacific School of Religion, then shows the school front. WS of the Berkeley Women’s City Club. Cuts to a park where people play. A row of children walk in a line along the grass. EWS of the park. Cuts to a basketball court where boys play, a boy shoots but misses. PAN of the court, a volleyball net is visible.