This clip contains footage of a tourist convention, shopping centers, and parking lots in Berkeley. Begins with a secretary handing a paper to a man at his desk, another man sits beside him. CU of the men examining pamphlets. Cuts to 2 women at a table labeled: Convention Headquarters. One woman has a typewriter in front of her and a man approaches then signs a paper. The woman hands it to the typist who types out a card. CU of her passing it to the man. Cuts to President of Berkeley’s Convention and Tourist Bureau stands at a podium, he speaks into a microphone. WS of Berkeley’s shopping district. Various shots of streets with shops alongside, including: a toy store with stuffed zoo animals in mock cages, and Roos Bros. A woman walks along the sidewalk window shopping. MS of a Public Parking City of Berkeley sign, zoom out PAN to show cars in a lot.