Shot of a neon sign that reads “Paul Cummins Roaring 20’s”. Shot of a doorman welcoming a man and a woman into the club. The narrator notes it is in La Cienega. Shot of a woman dressed in yellow on a swing attached to the ceiling. She issues a greeting. Shot of a sign that reads “Speakeasy Shooting Gallery”. Shot of a man and a woman with a man holding a gun. Shot of the shooting range wall with different targets like circles, aces, and swans. Shot of the man smiling at the woman next to him. Shot of a woman sitting in front of a caricature artist and smiling to be drawn. Shot of the caricature drawing. Shots of an automated gunman figure which can be played against. The narrator mentions the player always wins. Shots of showgirls in colorful outfits sliding down poles to the sound of a bell. They have gloves and high heels. The man and woman exit through the door while a doorman in a purple suit shows them out.