Overhead shot of a sea arena in Marineland in California with many people seated in the stands. Shot from the audience above the water enclosure. Shot from the cement behind the enclosure where a man in a sea captain uniform and hat leads three dark seals forward. Shot of a porpoise jumping through a flaming hoop and back into the water. Shot of a porpoise leaping out of the water to catch a fish in its mouth provided by a pole above the water. Shot of a porpoise using its head to ring a yellow bell from the water. Shot of porpoises using their heads to bounce small basketballs into hoops. Shot of porpoises in front of sheet music labeled “How Dry I Am” and making porpoise calls. Shot of a porpoise jumping onto dry land while the narrator describes that it is the only porpoise who does so willingly. Underwater shot of a diver feeding porpoises. Shots of the diver petting the animals.