Shot of sign for Olvera Street. Shot of clothes, people, and a burro pinata. Street with hats and baskets for sale under green umbrellas beside a walkway. Closeup of a basket.Narrator introduces Little Tokyo and there is a fast shot of the street with a banner of Japanese characters, then a shot of a restaurant sign, then a shot of colorful lanterns on a storefront. Shot of Japanese magazines. Shot of a sign that reads Kinema above a theater. Then the same shot as the first shot of Little Tokyo.Fade into a shot of the sea with a boat on the water and people in bathing suits playing in the waves. Shot of several surfers, mostly men. Some fall into the water.Shot of a gymnast at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica holding onto rails and doing exercises. Others watch. Shot of a young girl clapping. Fade to black.Shot of the Marineland sign. The narrator says it is “an hour by car from Hollywood”. Arial shot of Marineland, then a shot of a blue helicopter with a man inside with a camera. Shot of people walking down parking garage ramps. Underwater shot of a diver with different kinds of fish and a turtle, apparently feeding them. The narrator says there are “100 different species of sea life”.