Listerine Throat Relief Wide shot of French man standing in front of a sign that reads SKI SCHOOL MEETS HERE in the snow. A woman comes up behind him. Medium shot of French man with woman in the background talking. Medium shot of woman pulling out listerine tabs and taking one out of the package. Close up man putting tab in his math. Medium wideshot of French guy going skiing with kids. Worms eye view of man skiing with kids. Product shot. Another product shot. PUFFS PRINTS COMMERCIAL Close up zoom of product shot. Woman’s hand opens package to a tissue with flowers on it. Close up of older woman with brown hair with tears in her eyes holding up a tissue. Medium Wide shot of woman picking different tissues out of multiple tissue boxes while a man sits next to her hiding in the newspaper. Close-up pan left of woman's hands picking out tissues. Medium wide shot of woman pulling tissues and looking over at man. Close up of woman blowing her nose with man in background sneaking behind newspaper to look at her. Product shot. MICRIN ORAL ANTISEPTIC Drawing of a fat mans head opens up wide to reveal images of gas, army shoes walking through mud, a lion growling and then the product. The mouth continues to show images of green bubbles, people skiing down a hill through the snow. Cut to product shot. Johnson’s Baby PowderA little girl with her shirt off finds her moms powder under a hat on her dresser. Medium of the girl with her moms hat on pours the powder over her arm. She continues to rub it all over her chest. Wide shot of her trying on a dress and then putting on a yellow hat and sunglasses. She places the finishing touches of the powder on her cheeks. Product shot

Not Explicit