The Tennessee Valley Authority is building the new General Joe Wheeler Dam in Florence, Alabama on Muscle Shores. Workers use cranes and trucks to move piles of dirt. They use pressure hoses to make narrow holes into in which dynamite is placed. A man pushes down the detonator and there is a huge explosion of dirt. A group of ten fencers stand in a line and do a practice charge one after the other. There is a nice POV shot from the inside of a mask as a fencer uses his sword to hit the mask. The group spars with each other, hitting swords together. One fencer swings his sword at the camera. At the Merchandise Mart they are holding a winter fashion show. Snow covers the interior of the store and children dressed in snow gear throw snowballs at each other. Two children and a woman posing together along with a woman with skis and wool dresses. Nine women walk down stairs wearing winter dresses.