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Shot of man and woman in yellow dress dancing on stage, dark behind them. Cuts to shot of multiple couples dancing together on stage, more elaborate backdrop behind them. Girls have layered flowing skirts. Shots of them twirling and running around. Cut to shot of men in stage carriage, horse in front. Horse thrashes, man comes up and unsaddles it from carriage. Various shots of people with horse. Shots of people dancing with horse. Horse is clearly two men in a suit. Shot of man and woman in carriage, horse in front. Cuts to shot of carriage on side, man and woman have gotten out. They begin walking instead. Shot of people dancing around the horse. Horse and female dancers dance. Shots of female dancers watching as man dances around. Closer shot of horse dancing with dancers. People dance onstage. Shot of horse lying on ground, man and woman surrounding it. Horse gets up, people dance around it. Car in background. Close up shots of dancer with horse. Shot of dancers in front of car. Shot of curtain going down, cut to woman speaking into microphone. People walk off stage, several other shots of women in front of microphone.