This clip is about cars in the 1950s, including people honking in traffic, the rise of the drive-in (from restaurants to movie theaters), and newly imported foreign-made cars. In CU, man yells outside of car window, then another man honks his horn. Shots of people honking horns, looking bored and tired. Shots of people trying to find parking, DO NOT PARK sign, fire hydrants, other park signs. Shots of parking lots and garages as well as parking fare signs. US Post Office Drive-In sign pan. Woman goes through a drive through for her mail, then to get her laundry. Drive-in restaurant, then one with private air conditioning (a very large tube that pumps air into the car). Motel, then a car parking in front. Next, a drive-in movie theater. Cars pull in and park, hands come out of car windows, reaching for speakers. A teenage couple sips from the same cup with two straws. Some LSs of the screen with cars in front. Next, foreign cars are shown, being moved around by large machinery. Volvo & Jetta signs. Small car parks. An American car sees a space, but it’s too large. An import car follows and just squeezes into the spot. Sports car backing up then moving forward, then some shots of sports cars preparing for races.