Footage of a Celtics basketball game in which a fight briefly occurs. After a missed rebound the Celtics dribble the ball down the court for a lay-up, the crowd cheers wildly. The other team brings it back down court, after a few passes a teammate charges the middle and falls to the ground. CU of a man watching anxiously and smoking a cigarette. Cuts to the teammate rolling on the floor in agony. Coaches approach the injured player, others begin standing on the court and the Celtics put on their warm-up gear. A member of the audience cups his hands around his mouth and yells. WS of the court where a fight has broken out. Police attempt to pull players off each other, it is chaotic as more and more people begin walking onto the court. Cuts to the crowd clapping as the game begins again. The Celtics score and their team cheers on the sideline. Quick shot of the man smoking a cigarette. There is a breakaway and the team scores. Then a free-throw which is missed. The players then get on the court and shake each others’ hands.