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Medium close up of woman in hospital bed, eyes closed. She shakes head and opens eyes. Scene fades to black and back to scene in kitchen with two doctors, mother enters. Close up of doctor talking as voice over says how her son should be hospitalized. Doctor is saying he is infected and it could be anywhere in the house. Camera pans up and left to clothes on a clothesline. Cut to shot of clothes folded. Pans over to mother pouring tea into cups. Zooms in on blades that could be infected. Close up of doctor’s hands taking tea, putting sugar in it. Pans right as doctor moves, still shot of milk on water. Cut to shot of girl washing her hands in sing and drying them on towel. Shot of mother in kitchen with tea. Girl comes in through door behind her. Mother hugs her and has her sit down. Cut to doctor speaking to mother. He picks up a box of matches. Shot of him showing mother and daughter different piles of matches as voice over narrates how he is explaining the son’s chance of recovery.