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Moving aerial shot of Tokyo University. Fire trucks shoot water up at it. Close up of top of building. Narrator speaks about half a million pounds of damage done from fighting. Shots from side of water putting fire out. Shots of policemen running out from under walkway, on railings throwing water, holding fire extinguishers, trying to put it out. Shot of one man trying to hold umbrella. Shot of policemen climbing up onto roof on ladder. Aerial shots of streets full of people. Zooms in. Shots of policeman throwing things. Shots of people running with shields. Overhead view of street as policemen run through it. Shots of students running through street. Various shots of people running through the streets, chaos. People throwing things at policemen, crowding around moving cars. Medium shot of people propping up cars as a barricade. Overhead view of cars on their side, more street views of fighting. Police brutality, people marching through streets with hands held up.