Various shots of places in Los Angeles. Begins with zoom out from palm trees and pan to a highway next to a beach. A girl in a swimsuit serves a volleyball to 2 men in swim trunks. Quick shots of a couple running and another biking. Children play in the ocean as a wave comes ashore. A surfer holds his board in the waves. 2 skiers’- shots of their boots and them using their poles to push themselves downhill. People riding the chair lift up a snowy mountain, skiers do jumps. A skier sprays snow at the camera. Cuts to a yacht sailing through a harbor, people in white lean over the railing. A couple standing on the bow, pointing and shading their eyes. Women sunbathe on the roof of the yacht. A woman saying, “Wow what a boat!” Then cuts to the boat before shot of another woman smiling and tossing her hair as she talks about LA. A large man in a suit leans back and puts on sunglasses, dissolve to the yacht sailing by. A roller coaster coming down the tracks. POV from the ride. It goes through a loop. A mother drives a bumper car with her daughter. Cancan girls kick and ruffle their dresses in a saloon. A train exits a tunnel. Roller coaster going through several loops, POV shots. A ride drops people in parachutes. A man dressed as a cowboy holds up a carriage of tourists with a gun. Wild West shootout occurs and a man falls from a roof. Cuts to a train rolling into a station with white and red striped overhangs. A tour guide is caught on a falling bridge and rocks begin rolling towards them. They drive through a rotating tunnel. Exterior of a house used for a set with fire coming out the window. Quick shots of various attractions including: a monster in a top hat, cowboys fighting, Frankenstein, a cowboy falling through quicksand, Jaws coming out of a lake and British soldiers marching.

Not Explicit