Footage of Presidential candidates in 1964.Begins with supporters cheering for Nixon as he wins the Republican presidential nomination. He and his wife Pat Ryan stand at a podium smiling and waving. Exterior shots of a tree and home in the suburbs. William Scranton and his wife Mary Lowe Chamberlain stand smiling behind a Republican decorated congratulatory cake. Paparazzi crouch in his living room to take photos. He sits on the couch as journalists write in notebooks. CU of him holding a glass of milk. Paparazzi gather around as he sits on the couch with his wife and daughter, their sons stand behind. WS of Gettysburg including statue of horse and general, and a cannon. Scranton stands behind a podium and speaks to a crowd. Cuts to a room with George Romney supporters as he becomes Governor of Michigan. CU of him speaking. He waves to his crowd as a Congratulations banner is unfurled. Sponsored by Fisheries Council of the Great Lakes. Romney scoops cake onto a plate as he wears a chef’s hat. CU of him eating. Paparazzi take photos. CU of Romney speaking. He sits behind his desk. WS of the Capitol building.