WS of woman with dark hair in long white nightgown sitting on bed to go to sleep. She gets under covers and turns off lamp. Cuts to close up of her face lying in bed singing. She closes eyes. fades out to medium shot of her in bed, her spirit leaves her body, gets up and walks off frame. Cuts to man on balcony in carnival clothing staring at doors, they open and woman walks out. Zooms in on them meeting on balcony. They go down stairs to open area and begin flamenco dancing. woman twirls around and lifts up her long skirts as she does. Fades to close up of woman stirring in bed. Medium shot of her waking up, turning on light and stretching. Close up of her and lamp, singing. Projection of dancing shows on lamp. Close up of her face as she sings. Cuts back to medium close up of her and lamp, lamp projection pauses as man dips her back.

Not Explicit