Begins with 2 men in uniform standing on a lawn. LS of one of the men walking past a brick building and saluting towards the camera. Then the other man in uniform walks out of the brick building towards the camera. Cuts to grandparents standing in a garden together. They walk through the yard and pause on the driveway. Cuts to a couple holding their blonde baby, they pass him back and forth between them. The baby is laying on a colorful blanket on the lawn. An elderly woman stands by a brunette woman holding her baby who wears a bonnet, the mother sways and caudles her baby. She smiles and holds the baby close to the camera. She then sits on a chair swing as she rocks the baby. Cuts to a little girl holding a balloon on a golf course. She is then holding a doll and runs towards her mother who takes the doll and throws it. The girl is then standing with her grandfather and runs around. She then sits on her father’s shoulder and he lifts her by her legs and swings her to the ground. He flips her and swings her some more. Cuts to the grandparents standing together. The parents stand with their daughter and the father tosses the daughter into the mother’s arms. The little girl runs around on the grass. CU of the grandfather holding a flower pot in the air.