This clip contains a Goodyear tire commercial and an award for Direct Mail. Begins with PAN of a foggy forest. CU of yellow lines on a street and then a hubcap falling off a rotating tire. The tire pops and the car stops. CU of a light going on. A woman steps out of her car and looks frightful at her popped tire. She wears a pea coat and a scarf around her hair. PAN of the foggy forest and dissolves to CU of the woman’s eyes. WS of her kneeling by her car in the road. VO and text: When There’s No Man Around. CU of revolving tire, VO and text: Goodyear Should Be. CU of the Goodyear Double Eagle tire driving over nails. The inside of the tire is visible; VO and text: Carries its own Spare Inside, Lifeguard Safety Spare. Keeps on Going; CU of the nails as the car drives away in BG. CU of the woman driving. MS as the car drives through the forest. Text: New Double Eagle, a revolving tire appears showing the spare within. Next CU of a white paper, various postage stamps appear: Air Mail, First Class, Special Delivery, etc. The paper flips over revealing an envelope. The envelope opens revealing a card: Direct Mail. Cuts to CU of a paper reading: Be our guest for luncheon... zoom out to various cards. Cuts to a poster with various pamphlets.