This clips contain various commercials for: Yellow Pages, KDKA Channel 2, Goodyear, Laura Scudder’s potato chips.Begins with CU drawing of a telephone and a book titled: Yellow Pages. A cartoon man walks to a tree with an ax and attempts to chop it down but it is too strong. The man returns with a bulldozer but simply crashes into the tree. He lights a bomb by the tree which explodes. The man shrugs and attaches a hammock to the tree, when he lays in it the tree falls. Cuts to text: Find it fast in the Yellow Pages, the drawing from the beginning returns. Cuts to a white screen with KDKA-TV 2, a large 2 drops on the letters. A cartoon man emerges from the number smiling, he packs up the 2 and tiptoes away, leaving dots in his wake. Cuts to CU of a flare being lit. A woman places the lit flare by the popped tire of her car. MS as the woman walks away from her car, text: When There’s No Man Around. Several shots of the woman walking alone at night. She reaches a telephone booth. CU as she picks up the receiver. Cuts to CU of a revolving tire. CU as the tire rolls over a sharp object; Goodyear Double Eagle. Carries Its Own Spare Inside, the inside of the tire is shown. Lifeguard Safety Spare a Tire in a Tire. Keeps on Going, the car drives off in the BG. CU of the woman in the car smiling. Shot of the car driving down a highway, Go Go Goodyear and the logo take the screen. CU of the tire as it rolls up. CU of a jackhammer in the ground, PAN to a construction worker yelling to the other. Dissolve to the 2 eating lunch, the one is eating Laura Scudder’s potato chips, the loud crunch frightens the other worker. CU of the man eating chips. Cuts to a boy and a girl lying on a lawn eating Laura Scudder’s potato chips. The boy asks why the chips aren’t sold in theaters and the girl doesn’t know. They eat the chips which crunch loudly.