This clip shows a little boy have his height measured, something his father records every few months.The clip opens on a shot of home base. A boy reaches for a baseball on the clay, then the camera tilts up to show him make a throw. He throws towards first then begins to clap slowly. He runs to get the ball, then looks towards where he threw from. Next, he looks at the camera with a confused look. He throws the ball again, then goes to retrieve it. His mother puts a jacket on him; the sleeves are too short. His dad comes inside and looks at the boy’s sleeves. The dad pulls a board of wood from the closet, then points with a ruler at a height measurement on the board. He places the ruler on the line, then the boy stands up, pushing the ruler up as well. A CU of the boy’s feet show that he was standing on his tip toes. The father remeasures and sees that the boy has grown since the last time his height was measured. There is a CU on the father’s hands drawing a straight line across the board with a ruler at the height of his son.