In this clip, a boy measures things using the length of his hand and finger as reference, then attempts to measure the distance he throws a baseball. There is also some footage of men measuring out yard lines on a football field, then of a man measuring a plank of wood. The boy grabs a screwdriver, then attempts to measure it using his finger as a reference. Next, in school, he sits at his desk, then tries to measure the length and width of his desk using the length of his hand as reference. Next, he pulls out a piece of paper and measures that with his hand. Fade out, then back in on two men measuring a football field. CU of a hand laying down a string as another man paints a line for the yard line. Shot at a lumber yard. The boy’s father measures a board of wood. Next, the boy’s mother is shown buying cloth. The worker at the shop lays out the fabric to measure. In LS Jimmy throws a ball, then grabs his yardstick. CU of the ball. then of the boy measuring the distance of his throw with the yardstick.