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Preachers at Union Square in San Francisco with spectators. Begins with close up of old white man in profile speaking spliced with black preacher with his hand on a woman’s forehead. They both pray. Cut to a close up of a woman looking on and a close up of the preacher in profile as he speaks. Cuts to a shot of him holding another woman’s forehead as they pray. Shots of people standing in circles praying. Then medium shot of a group of people singing religious songs as they play the tambourines. A woman taking pictures of the scene and a man sitting back as it pans to the audience as they watch. Medium shots of people talking to the black preacher and reaction shots of spectators as they speak to one another. Medium close shot of a short woman, book in hand, yelling out to the crowd. More women speaking out and then more shots of spectators speaking to one another. Concludes with a slow pan of the camera from the food of a monument to the top.