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Footage of preachers at Union Square in San Francisco on a Sunday and surrounding people looking on. Begins with a shot of a memorial monument with camera faced directly upwards with a quick pan to eye level with a man with a limp walking across it perpendicular to the camera. Quick shot of a religious man with a sandwich board advocating a life without sin to an American flag wavering in the wind. Medium shot of a black preacher speaking with a suit and flower in his lapel. Shots of men and women walking across screen cutting back to black preacher but from a lower angle looking up towards him. Then a medium-long shot of four men in suits and hats sitting on benches talking to one another. Then more men and one woman speaking on benches as the camera pans over them. Shot of four women at a bench with pigeons at their feet cut to an older white man with his mouth gaping open, staring at the camera. Back to the men on the bench then a quick shot of a woman sitting in the grass next to a standing men. Cut to a man and a woman sitting and talking and then a man talking to the previous black preacher. Then hip looking men in sunglasses pointing and talking. Long to medium shot of an old white preacher in light colored suit standing, speaking, swaying. Shot of a homeless woman sitting. Cut to man talking to black preacher again. Woman sitting down next to standing man. Man talking to black preacher again. Cut to a long shot of a little girl feeding a crowd of pigeons at her feet. Medium shot of a white preacher with sunglasses, holding a book, speaking. Quick shots of man with sandwich board, overhead shot of man drinking from fountain, American flag, young man and older woman walking. Medium-long shot of a balding preacher with glasses speaking. Close up of a different preacher in sunglasses and a beard speaking and he paces, switching to a long shot and then a medium shot on his feet.