This newsreel contains footage of the 1936 Berlin Olympics including Jesse Owens, the crashing of the Hindenberg with the famous commentary from NBC radio affiliate Herbert Morrison, and the Spanish Civil War.Begins with WS of German athletes marching and singing along a hill. They march shirtless towards the camera, some hold long sticks. Various shots of athletes training such as wrestling, lifting weights, punching a punching bag, and running along a track. Cuts to a man holding the Nazi flag inside the Olympic arena. Quick shot of Hitler saluting. PAN of the track race as Jesse Owens wins gold. MCU of Owens smiling. WS of the crowd saluting. Cuts to Jesse Owens medal ceremony. Various WS of Hindenberg in the air. Cuts to the blimp catching fire and crashing. Various shot of the remaining frame with fire and smoke. Cuts to soldiers marching in Spain. Shots of military men in vehicles, one has a cannon. Ends with shot of men laying on the ground.