In the Berlin Olympic stadium, Hitler gives a Nazi salute from behind a podium and microphones, flanked by two other men. Women in drooping white hats march from left to right in a formation. Three men march with the center man holding the American flag. The Olympic flame is shown in a close up, with thousands of people seated in the background. Two closer shots of the crowd follow, showing that the stadium is completely packed with fans. Next, is a far panning shot of a 100 meter dash, with audio of the gun shot that starts the race. Voice over says, “A black American athlete smashes the theory of a Teutonic super race.” The shot closes in on Jesse Owens, who wins the race by a wide margin. Following the race, is a shot of a fan jumping out of their seat with their arms raised and a shot of a score board with two American flags perched on top. The award ceremony comes next, with the three winners standing on the staggered podium, receiving medals from three women in white dresses. Two of the winners are black Americans, wearing sweatshirts that say, “USA.” Next is a shot of a wave of people standing up from front to back looking off to the right of the frame. Voice over says, “Owens wins another gold medal in the 200, and a third as the anchor man in the 400 meter relay,” over a shot of Jesse Owens winning another race. A reaction shot from the crowd follows, with the entire section pictured, standing and waving white things in the hands. Next is a panning shot from right to left of Jesse Owens doing the broad (long) jump. Then there are four reaction shots: one of the crowd cheering, one of Hitler and some other Nazi’s looking unimpressed, and a close up of Jesse Owens smiling in a track suit the says, “Ohio,” and lastly another shot of the stadium crowd. Scene cuts to a pool, and high dive board. A short woman does a backwards dive into the pool, and the shot is in slow motion. There’s a shot of the crowd’s reaction, then an interview of the diver, Marjorie Gestring. who praises the work of her coaches. The frame cuts to a wide shot of the stadium at night, marked by an oval of lights on the field. The ending ceremony shows many national flags being paraded in a circle, cut with quick shots of explosions in the sky. There is a quick shot of a row of Nazi soldiers, and Hitler doing another salute. The final scene is a fade out of the Olympic flame and the narrator says, “World War Two is coming, and lights are going out all over Europe.”