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Ohio: Begins with a woman removing a pie from the oven. Quick shots of the oven temperature dial and a pot on a stove. The woman places potatoes into the oven and closes the door and turns the temperature dial. WS of a building, a car drives by. A group of businessmen sit around a table, they carry different gadgets. A woman enters holding a glass pan. Cuts to a blueprint and a man puts a ruler over it. Men stand at work stations. One man is crafting a part that he puts in a machine. Interior of a factory, machines carry large parts. Various shots of people working in a factory with metal parts. A man collects pipes. Men weld a frame that is later dipped into a vat of porcelain. A man assembles an oven. A man screws in a screw while other men carry out the oven. 2 men roll out large boxes. A woman removes a plate of potatoes out of the oven, she then puts a potato on her and her husband’s plate as they sit down to eat.