This clip details Kennedy’s first year in office, from his inaugural address to a trip to Vienna to meet with Khrushchev to a back injury which forced him to wear crutches.The clip opens with John F. Kennedy speaking before a podium in MS, giving his inaugural address. There is a LS of the crowd clapping after his speech, then a LS of the procession on the street after. In MS Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy smile, waving at the crowd. Shot of some flag carriers and flags going by, then a shot of Khrushchev getting out of a car to shake hands with Kennedy in Vienna. In MWS they chat on a sofa There are MSs of each. In MS Jackie Kennedy walks in a room, then she greets people at a party. Kennedy shakes hands with some pilots on the tarmac after disembarking a plane when Caroline Kennedy runs up to him, only four years old at the time. She follows him and holds his hand as they walk onboard a boat. Kennedy walks past the camera in crutches after a back injury, then is shown in a cherry picker. He walks off the cherry picker and onto a plane with crutches under his arms. There is an establishing shot of the outside of the United Nations building, then in MWS President Kennedy shakes hands with people inside.

Not Explicit