This clip has some footage of Kennedy in the days leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis, then shows preparations in Florida with weapons being moved onto the peninsula.Clip opens on the central podium at the United Nations, John F. Kennedy walks up to it. there is a shot of the crowd, then a MWS of JFK speaking at the podium. There is another shot of the crowd clapping. Cut to President Kennedy signing a bill, then there is a MCU of his face as he does this. An Air Force plane takes off, then there is a LS of the aircraft in the sky. Aerial photographs reveal bases for nuclear weapons in Cuba. JFK sits in a rocking chair in MWS next to Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. The foreign minister gets a MS. Kennedy gives a speech in front of a large audience. There is a brief traveling shot of a car going through an arch marked Illinois State Fair, then there is a shot of the White House. In MCU Kennedy speaks of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He signs another document, then another plane takes off. There is a shot of it in the sky over land. Shot of a submarine, then of trucks moving nuclear weapons in Florida. Planes are loaded and lined up. LS of planes lined up in an air field, prepped for take off.