This clip CONTAINS FOOTAGE OF GRAPHIC EXECUTIONS. Fidel Castro, and the steel crisis in 1959. MS of soldiers aiming, then LS of a prisoner standing. He is shot on camera and falls back into a ditch. Another shot next of a man before a wall who is shot, his blood splattering on the wall behind him. MS of the dead man on the ground. LS of Castro giving a speech on a balcony, then a MCU of him from behind his left shoulder. WS of a crowd with raised hands. Another MS of him speaking and quieting the crowd. He gestures wildly. LS of protesters. Next, a title card: “STALEMATE IN STEEL”. Shots inside a steel factory, some with workers in it. Shots of men (David McDonald and R. Conrad Cooper) meeting to discuss the steel crisis, then several LSs of factories. MSs of factory workers looking at their paychecks. WSs inside car factories.