A clip reviewing the events of 1959, the clip features footage of the wedding of Crown Prince Akihito of Japan, the quiz show scandal, Earl Long’s madness, the deaths of John Foster Dulles and George Marshall, and a circus fire in Japan. MS of a Japanese girl looking at a paper. MS of the wedding portrait of Crown Prince Akihito and commoner Michiko Shoda. LS of the couple traveling in an open, horse-drawn carriage. A student runs up to the carriage and throws a rock at them, but he is taken by police. MS of the couple smiling and waving in the carriage. Cut to a MS of Charles Van Doren at a hearing for the quiz show scandal. Several shots within the Congressional court. LS of a crowd outside, then CU of a sign for Earl Long for governor. MCU of Long speaking to a crowd claiming to not be “nuts”. MCU of John Foster Dulles speaking, then MS of him getting out of a car and walking into a building. MS then MWS, then CU, of General George Marshall outside before a microphone (won the Nobel Peace Prize for the Marshall Plan). Cut to a LS of a fire, then MS of a woman gathering things in a panic. Shots of people running, then WS of a crazed elephant. A shot of the elephant trampling through the circus grounds follows. LS of the fire engulfing the circus.