This clip contains footage from a trip Eisenhower took abroad in 1959, a meeting between Chairman Mao and Nikita Khrushchev, and the ousting of the Tibetan people from Tibet. MS of Eisenhower entering a plane. LS of the plane taxiing with a crowd in FG. Cut to a map over moving images behind it of the plane traveling and Eisenhower walking. Countries listed include: Morocco, Spain, France, Tunisia, Greece, Iran, India, Afghanistan, West Pakistan, Turkey, and Italy. Cut to soldiers marching as a title comes up: “CRISIS IN ASIA”. MS of Chairman Mao walking, then a MWS of Khrushchev coming to greet him. The two walk together in MS in front of a plane. Cut to a map, then a shot of a mountain in Tibet. In WS, village people ride on donkeys, then with a cut to a woman on the side of the road, we see her struggle to lift all of her supplies. Another shot of villagers traveling to India. Shot of a house, then a MS of the Dalai Lama in India. CU on his face. Cut back to the map