MS of two government representatives from different countries shaking hands and saluting goodbyes. WS of troops riding a truck. EWS of trucks moving. CU of a map that shows China, Formosa and Philippines. Aerial shot of Formosa. WS of a soldier standing-by. More soldiers working. MS of a conference in Beijing, China. MS of Mao Zhedong signing a document. MS of Cruz Charleston singed a document. They shook hands. EWS of bombs in vast land. WS of people carrying bags and seemingly migrating. MS of children, women and old people. WS of a huge ship and people waiting to get on. Voiceover claims that U.S. will prevent any invasion and if necessary bomb the China mainland. WS of U.S. air force - air planes taking off on ships. WS of military buildup. MS of secretary Dallas and Chang talking. MS of soldiers.