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Newsreel clips: Shot of man returning polio vaccination supplies to box; shows Department of Health “embargoed” tag as the vaccine had been recalled until found safe. Dr. Jonas Salk, polio vaccine inventor, talks to young mother and sons seated in a crowd. Onlookers watch blazing flames among plane wreckage in Colorado, then men lug tarp-wrapped corpse from wreckage and add it to a pile of bodies. John Gilbert Grayham photo (man who planted bomb on plane). Grayham decends stairs, handcuffed and escorted. Atomic bomb test footage from “Survival City,” Nevada, including explosion, mushroom cloud, houses blow to smithereens in blast, and smoke cloud rising in sky. USS Nautilus submarine partially submerged in sea, the first nuclear powered submarine. Shot of model of rocket used to launch America's first earth satellite. Illustration of satellite circling earth. Communist rioters being beaten with nightsticks and sprayed with fire hoses in West Germany. Unidentified nation flags wave in wind (possibly Greece, Germany, Italy). Supreme Soviet meetis to discuss Soviet “Friendship Drive.”