In this newsreel clip, there is coverage of the death of Joseph Stalin, the Russians’ development of the hydrogen bomb, and Atomic Annie, an American atomic cannon.Clip opens on a shot of the Kremlin, the of St. Basil’s. Shots of tanks and other military vehicles in formation on the streets of Moscow. Cut to a shot of Russian army men in uniform, marching in formation. MCUs of Stalin, then shot of four men saluting from a balcony. Men stand in a line at Stalin’s funeral. Georgy Malenkov walks by the camera with other associates; all have their hands in their pockets. Cut to a crowd clapping. Cut to a MCU of Malenkov speaking, then back to shots of people clapping. ELS of a hydrogen bomb going off. Shots of the destruction of a house and a plane in slow motion. Cut to a shot of Amazon Annie, an atomic cannon, being carried on trucks. She fires off a bomb.