New York: At the Hambletonian, spectators look on as the trotting race begins with the truck closing its gate. We see the horses pulling the chariots in a highlight showing the last stretch of the final round. Horse Helicopter, driven by Harry Harvey, wins.

Atomic Cannon- 1st Films of Firing New Atom Weapon; Historic footage of the Amazon Annie, a mobile cannon, is shown firing an atomic artillery shell, the most lethal blast ever released. Once fired, light blinds the camera, but as it retreats, the large mushroom cloud is shown in the distance.

News in Brief; In Newport, Rhode Island, politicians and celebrities are shown at the church for the wedding of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier, including Kennedy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy. Police are shown restraining crowds with a thick rope line. The newlywed couple is shown leaving the church.