This clip shows families eating rock cornish game hen and how they produce them. CU of person flipping chicken. WS of people around a dinner table with a chef cutting up rock cornish game hen and someone serving it out. MS of individual people being served. MS of people eating chicken with hands. WS of general landscape. MS of two men outside about to grab a chicken. MS men holding up a hen. CU of man holding neck of hen, MS of man taking out 2 day old chicks. WS of a lot of chicks and man grabbing a couple. CU of man holding out chicks in both his hands. MS of chicks. WS of man walking through a chicken house / coop / pen and spreading seeds on the floor. WS of two men moving cages of chicken off a truck. MS of men packing plastic wrapped hens which look like miniature turkeys. into a crate full of ice. MS of truck full of crates leaving. MS of little boy taking a serving of chicken off a plate. MS of family eating at the table.