This clip shows scientists, power plants and vehicles like a train and harvester. White text on black background saying, “A Message From Industry to you...” WS of two men, possibly lumberjacks. One is holding a two man saw while watching the other axe at a tree with an axe. Cut to MS of men in lab coats in a laboratory. MS of scientist holding a piece of material. MS of man to the side peeling off something from the material. CU of man holding tweezers while wearing a monocle magnifier. WS of three men, scientists and engineers around a big desk covered in paper. MS of three business men. POV of person on train hanging on the side and looking forward. WS of man on harvester cutting grain. LS INT of hydroelectric power plant. MS of oil extraction with a pumpjack and several towers. MS of woman placing box labeled Acid onto a roller conveyor which is then pushed along off the screen. CU of back of mans head while he looks at a piece of equipment / carries out an experiment. MS of man watching bottles in an assembly line. WS of scientists in a laboratory.

Not Explicit